Training Classes & Workshops

Puppy Socialization/Training Class Combo (3-7 months)

Early socialization is one of the most beneficial activities you can provide your puppy. In fact, lack of socialization or improper socialization can increase the risk of future fear related behavior. We offer puppy owners an enriching and safe environment to socialize their puppies under the guidance of a professional trainer.

Socialization class Topics:

  • Interaction with other puppies and people
  • Exposure to various noises
  • Exposure to various surfaces
  • Obstacle challenges

We also offer training in conjunction with our socialization classes. We cover various topics that directly relate to raising a happy well behaved puppy. Our instructor will also answer any questions you may have about how to correctly train your puppy in their early developmental stage.

Length of Class: 1 hour

Class Cost: $30 per class

Required Vaccinations & Fecal

  • Puppies are required to have at least 2 rounds of vaccinations and provide proof of a negative fecal test from a veterinarian before being allowed into class. You can email or bring a copy of current vaccination and fecal status

What to Bring

  • We will be spending time outdoors during class. Wear shoes with good traction and appropriate clothing to be comfortable outside.
  • Bring a 4-6 ft leash and a neck collar or harness that is in good working condition
  • Bring some soft treats that your dog likes


Group Training Class (Dogs over 7 months)

  • To attend an adult group class, you must have worked with us prior before attending this class.

Class Topics
We cover a wide range of topics in our classes. Each class will differ depending on the dogs that are attending. Common topics that we cover in these classes are as follows:

  • Improving your Dog Handling & Communication Skills
  • Training your Dog to Respond to Various Obedience Commands
  • Leash Reactivity
  • How to Use Your Leash Properly
  • Obstacle Course Navigation
  • Gaining confidence in your ability to handle your dog in a public setting around other people and other dogs
  • Exposure and desensitization for shy and fearful dogs


Class Cost: $50 per class

Length of Class: 1 hour

Required Vaccinations:

  • Dogs must be fully vaccinated on all core vaccines and have a negative fecal test within the past year. Email a copy of vaccines or bring with you to class.

What to Bring

  • This is an outdoor class. Wear shoes with good traction and appropriate clothing to be comfortable outside.
  • Come prepared with treats that your dog really likes. Bring something like cheese, dried liver, hot dogs, etc.
  • If your dog likes to play tug, you can bring a tug toy.
  • Make sure your leash and collar are in good working condition.

To register for the adult class, you must email or call us prior to enrolling your dog to ensure the class will be a good fit for you and your dog’s needs.