About Us

Evergreen School For Dogs is a family owned dog training facility located in Arlington Washington. The business is owned and operated by professional dog trainers Tommy Grammer and Corday Rice.  Corday and Tommy are husband and wife and have 30 years combined experience training dogs and teaching owners how to train their own dogs.

Evergreen School for Dogs focuses on providing quality dog training services and delivering first class customer service to clients. You can rest assured that any email or phone call you make to us will be answered by either Tommy or Corday.

Whether you sign up for a puppy course, advanced course, or enroll your dog in a board and train program, you can trust that your dog will only be trained by a professional dog trainer with over a decade of experience.

Evergreen School for Dogs was started to help owners train their dogs in an effective manner while keeping the client’s needs and goals in mind.

Areas of Expertise

  • Companion Dog Training
  • Teaching owners how to effectively communicate with their dog
  • Resolving problematic behavior
  • Aggression management and resolution
  • Basic –Advanced obedience training

Credentials and Specialized Work

  • Recommended by Veterinarians
  • Mentor for students at the Animal Behavior College
  • Implemented training programs for dog rescue organizations including the SPCA
  • Published training articles for dog related publications

The Owners & Trainers

Tommy Grammer

Tommy is a Nashville, TN native. He began training dogs as an apprentice on the side during college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. After graduating and moving to Charleston, South Carolina, Tommy decided to continue his passion training dogs and began working for another dog training company as an instructor in Charleston. Tommy soon decided to start his own dog training business in order to share his own philosophy and created Charleston School For Dogs in 2004. After a few years, he met Corday who was another trainer at the time and together they ran the Charleston School For Dogs for several years.

Looking for a change of pace, Tommy and Corday decided to move to Washington. After a cross country trip with 5 dogs, Evergreen School For Dogs opened its doors on April 1st 2011.

As of today, Tommy has been training dogs as a professional trainer for the past 17 years and has conducted over 10,000 private lessons.

Tommy also owns and operates an "Online Dog Training Website" where he helps clients on an international level. You can visit his site at www.mydogtrainingspot.com for more information.

Tommy believes that the foundation of solid dog training centers on communication between dog and owner. Through communication and an understanding of dog behavior, Tommy shows clients how to get desired results with their dogs. Tommy has worked extensively with dogs that demonstrate aggressive and problematic behavior. His clients include owners with companion dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and dogs that compete in agility and obedience. A dog owner from childhood, Tommy currently lives with his wife Corday and their 3 dogs and 2 horses in Arlington, Washington.

Corday Rice

Corday is a Charleston, South Carolina native. A dog owner her whole life, she began improving her dog handling by working in dog boarding kennels as a teenager. She has also been riding horses since the age of 6. Corday left Charleston, South Carolina and moved to New York to attend college. After graduating college in New York, Corday moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina where she worked as a veterinary assistant. After a couple of years, she returned to Charleston, South Carolina. Combining her experience working with dogs at boarding kennels and the vet clinic, she made an easy transition to working as a trainer with a dog training business in Charleston. After a few years, she met Tommy and became business partners at Charleston School For Dogs. Along with Tommy, she was looking for a change of scenery and they decided to move to Washington State and thus created Evergreen School For Dogs.

As of today, Corday Rice has been training dogs professionally for 14 years. Corday works with clients that need help with obedience training, problem solving, and aggressive behavior. She also helps clients pick out dogs that will make a good fit for the owner. Corday’s dog training philosophy centers around blending different techniques to achieve the best results for dog and owner. She believes that there is no "one right way" to train and is always eager to try a new approach when necessary. Positive reinforcement is the method she will choose most often and usually the one that she feels works best. She also believes strongly in proper exercise and mental stimulation for your dog to avoid problem behaviors due to boredom and frustration.

Corday lives in Arlington, Washington with her husband Tommy and their three dogs and two horses.