Aggressive Behavior

Dogs fighting - Aggressive behavior

Are you experiencing aggressive behavior with your dog? If so, we can help you.

We know how worrisome it can be to have your dog act out aggressively toward other dogs or people. The fact is that most dogs will display aggressive behavior at some point in their life. However, witnessing aggressive behavior can leave you feeling frustrated and full of questions on why your dog is behaving in this manner.

Every dog aggression case is unique to the individual dog and for this reason, we often start out with an Initial Behavior Consultation.

Once we have worked with your dog, we discuss what future steps need to be taken. We will either recommend a program for you or discuss future management options.  Depending on the type of aggression your dog is displaying. For dogs that are prone to fighting with other dogs or dogs that display aggressive behavior towards humans, we will work with you in private lessons.

The first step in making progress with aggressive behavior is getting sound advice from a professional with dog aggression experience. Give us a call now or contact us through our contact form.

*If you are experiencing a sudden change in behavior that is leading to aggressive responses, you should have your veterinarian examine your dog to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing to the aggressive behavior.

Types of aggressive behavior we work with:

  • Aggression directed toward visitors to the home
  • Aggression directed toward family members
  • Aggression directed toward other people when out in public
  • Aggression directed toward other dogs in the home
  • Aggression directed toward other dogs in public
  • Aggression directed toward other pets and livestock