Seattle Area Dog Training

Dog Training Services at Evergreen School for Dogs

Here is a list of all of the Dog Training Services we provide. Click on the links for more information.

Initial Behavior Consultation

For many owners, it can prove very helpful for a professional to interact with your dog to help you gain a better understanding of why your dog is participating in various behaviors. Because we have worked with thousands of dogs, we have an exceptional ability to gain an understanding of your dog’s temperament and causes of their behavior in a short period of time.

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Private Lesson Courses

The private lesson format is often the most suitable format for training your dog. We work with a wide variety of behavior cases in the private lesson format. Private lessons are offered at our facility or in your home within our service area.

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Group Training Classes

We offer various group activities throughout the year from group practice classes, group walks, and group hikes. Once you have completed a private lesson or board and train, you can participate in the group activities we offer.

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Boarding & Training

We offer 3 and 6 week boarding and training programs as well as customized lengths of time. If you are interested in a boarding and training program, please visit our boarding and training page for additional information.

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Dog Aggression

We work with a range of aggressive behavior cases from housemate aggression, dog to people aggression, predatory aggression, and various types of resource guarding.

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Online Training

We offer a step by step online training course that consist of video training tutorials and written articles. The online training program comes with a lifetime subscription to the online portal

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