Dog Evaluation

For many owners, it can prove very helpful for a professional to interact with your dog to help you gain a better understanding of why your dog is participating in various behaviors. Because we have worked with thousands of dogs, we have an exceptional ability to gain an understanding of your dog’s temperament and causes of their behavior in a short period of time.

Dog evaluations begin with a free phone consultation to learn why you are currently looking for a professional evaluation. During the phone consultation, we learn more about your dog and choose the location for the evaluation.

Most dog evaluations are conducted with both Tommy and Corday being present so you receive the benefit of two professional trainers evaluating your dog. The trainers will interact with your dog to gain a better understanding of your dog's disposition and causes of various behavior.

After the dog evaluation is complete, we will discuss with you our professional opinion regarding your dog's behavior. We will then advise what future steps need to be taken to reach your training goals.

Evaluations can be conducted at our facility in Arlington, Washington or in your home provided you are in our service area.

Evaluations are not necessary to begin a training program with us. If you have any questions, simply give us a call or contact us.


  • $50 at our facility
  • $95 in your home


  • Approxiamately 45 minutes

Type of Dog Evaluations we offer:

  • Personal dog or dogs
  • Prospective dog that you may be adopting
  • Dog evaluations for rescue organizations