Dog Training Services

Here is a list of all of the Dog Training Services we provide:

Dog Evaluations

For many owners, it can prove very helpful for a professional to interact with your dog to help you gain a better understanding of why your dog is participating in various behaviors. Because we have worked with thousands of dogs, we have an exceptional ability to gain an understanding of your dog’s temperament and causes of their behavior in a short period of time.

Puppy Training

Our puppy foundation course is designed to start your puppy off on the right track from the beginning. We will show you how to successfully house train your puppy and lay the proper foundation training for voice commands.

Private Lessons Courses

Our priave lesson training courses are designed to effectively train your dog to respond to various commands and resolve any unwanted behavior. Private lessons can be conducted in your home or at our facility in Arlington.

Boarding & Training Programs

Are you looking for a professional to train your dog? Are you going on vacation and want to leave your dog in a fun enriching environment for your dog to while you are away? A boarding & training program may be a good fit for your dog. We offer 3 different programs and we can customize a board and train that fits your individual needs.

Aggressive Behavior

Are you experiencing aggressive behavior with your dog? If so, we can help you. We work with a wide range of aggressive behavior.

Online Training Course

Looking for an economical but effective way to train your dog. Our online course offers video training tutorials along with personal help from certified professional dog trainer Tommy Grammer.

Training Classes & Workshops

We offer various specialty classes and workshops throughout the year. Classes and workshops are designed to be fun and informative. Check out our current winter class schedule.