Boarding & Training Programs

Our boarding and training programs provide a home like environment where your dog receives ample socialization, playtime, and training sessions with us. Your dog receives an abundance of training and interaction from us daily.

Part of our success comes from actually living with your dog rather than keeping them in a kennel for the majority of their stay. We like to give your dog plenty of time moving around us in the home and outside so that we can address specific behaviors. Learn more about our facility.

We offer a variety of programs to fit you and your dog's needs. Whether you need us to resolve problematic behavior or want peace of mind while you are on vacation, you can be worry-free knowing your dog is in an enriching structured environment.

Why Choose a Board & Train Program?

  • You want a dog that is well behaved and responds to your commands consistently
  • You are limited in the amount of time it takes to train your dog appropriately
  • You have a dog that is especially difficult to train
  • You need to board your dog during your vacation but also want them to be well taken care of in a structured learning environment

Watch the video below to gain insight into how your dog will spend their time during their stay

Our Boarding & Training Programs

We are currently booked up for our summer session for boarding and training. We are taking reservations for fall and winter beginning on September 21st-January 7th.

3 Week Program - $2,500

This is our most popular board & train program. We offer full training customization for this program to fit the individual dog's needs. In this program we focus on teaching your dog to respond to useful training commands and to stop participating in various nuisance behavior. Training and socialization with other dogs is also a large part of the program.

Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Lesson when you pick up your dog
  • 2 Follow up lessons (1 lesson in your home & 1 lesson at our facility)
  • Training Manual

6 Week Program - $4,800

This program goes beyond the 3 week program to focus on more advanced obedience commands as well as off leash control. It is designed to train the dog to be a well-mannered companion in the home and respond in a dependable manner in a distracting environment. This program is customized based on the client's needs.

Program Includes:

  • 1 Hour Lesson when you pick up your dog
  • 2 Follow up lessons in your home
  • Training Manual
  • Unlimited follow up lessons at our facility for 1 year

Need a customized boarding and training time period?

No problem. Many of our clients use our services when they need to travel and want their dog to receive training while they are away. If you have a specific time period that you would like to schedule, simply contact us.

  • 3 night minimum stay
  • Cost is $130/night if you dog will be staying less than 3 weeks.


The Guide below includes our boarding and training policies and other helpful information.

Read our Boarding & Training Policies and Information Guide