Evergreen School For Dogs

Welcome to Evergreen School for Dogs. We offer tailored dog training and puppy training services for Seattle and the surrounding areas.

We focus on training your dog to be a well behaved companion that you can be proud of. Your dog will learn to come to you when you call them, act appropriately in public, and become easier to manage in the home. By working with our dog trainers, your dog will stop participating in unwanted behaviors such as leash pulling, jumping on guests, nuisance barking, and ignoring your commands. Upon completion of one of our dog training services, your dog will be happy to follow your commands and will be a well mannered companion. Click on the video below to learn more about how we conduct our board and train programs.

We understand that you want the best for your dog and that choosing a trainer that is a good fit is an important decision for your dog’s future. We have developed courses and programs for you to review if you know your training goals already. We also know that some clients are looking for advice on what type of service would benefit them the most.

For this reason, we provide program customization that is quick and easy. It starts with gathering some information about your dog’s behavior and temperament. We then find out what your training goals include. Once we have your information, we will provide a free phone consultation and recommend the appropriate training service that will meet you and your dog’s needs.

I have questions about my dog’s behavior? Call us now, we are here to help!


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Evergreen School For Dogs Offers:

  • Destructive Behavior Resolution
  • Training for the Multiple Dog Home
  • Separation Anxiety Solutions
  • Confidence Building for Shy Dogs
  • Inappropriate Chasing Solutions (cars, dogs, bicyclist)
  • Puppy & Adult Dog Training
  • Problematic Behavior Resolution (jumping, barking, nipping, etc.)
  • Advanced Off Leash Training
  • Dog Aggression Mgmt/Resolution
  • Leash Manners (no pulling or barking at other dogs)
  • House Training

We Offer You
Dog Training
Programs that

Cover Basic to
Advanced Training
and Everything
in Between.

We Provide
Private Lessons
in Your Home
or at Our Place, and

We Have
Customized and
Board & Train

We Work With
Problem Behaviors

So You Can
Appreciate and Love
Your Canine Friend
for a Lifetime!

Our Qualified,
Experienced &
Certified Trainers
Have But 1 Goal:

To Make Sure You're
Completely 100%

At Evergreen School
for Dogs,
We're Building
Bonds for Life!

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